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We started building in 2000 when an Indian doctor living in America wanted to do something for ’the girl child’ in India. I proposed to the panchayat that the three villages would be better off if we built a new primary school in the middle village. They agreed and allotted and dedicated two and a half acres of land, and Sarita Dhuper sent me USD 2,000. The humble acorn was planted, with the intention of giving the school, once three classrooms were built, to the Haryana State Primary Education authorities, for them to finish it and run it.

During the first three years we built three small class-rooms in the rustic style, assisted by donations from the people staying at our Tikli Bottom guest-house, who, liking what we were doing, offered financial help. 
But after those three years, I had a much clearer insight into the merits and short-comings of the existing state school in Baas village - I was told by volunteer teachers there, who stayed with me, that all too often only half of the teachers turned up at school, and even those did little proper teaching. After assembly, the children were simply committed to the classrooms to copy out their text books.

So we decided to turn the new school into a private school - with a school house to enable the head, the English and the maths teachers to live on site - to facilitate both education and social leadership to all village residents after normal school hours.

In 20112, and after plenty of educational philosophizing and an expenditure of about GBP 200,000 we have
- a four foot stone wall round the grounds, and widened gated entrance,
- a well, delivering potable water,
- two teachers’ residences completed and lived in.
- two active toilet blocks - one for girls and one for boys.
- 12 classrooms; 3 for Montessori kindergarten, and 6 larger ones for 
  primary school classes (6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 year olds) and a specialist
Music and Art room (first one up the stairs at the first floor level).           - Head teacher’s office and adjacent staff store room active with uniforms and stationery.                                                                             - a block to the right of the entrance as you enter, incorporating a chilled and purified drinking water kiosk (five press taps) for school-           children and general village use; plus a small store cum night guard’s room;                                                                                             - on the other side of the now-widened entrance we have a symmetrical building with two rooms - a store to house the refuse recycling              activity and at last "Mick Burdon’s sports store"                                                                                                                                         - a generator room with 15 KvA generator (my old genset)                                                                                                                         - overhead the Head’s office we have a dormitory with four beds for volunteer teachers                                                                                 -  and in 2017 we have the combined school assembly hall cum village commiunity hall capable of accommodating 400, and incorporating, at the road-side end, a four room             medical centre  which will be run by ther panchayat.                                                                                                                                                                                                     - a 10 KVA solar system provided by Magneti Marelli to ensure constancy of supply in the classrooms, where TV smart screens are fitted in some rooms


The Hall building still needs -
- windows and glass in all the window frames.
- a lavatrory block on the hall, end wall, accessible only from inside,
- completion of medical centre facilities - doors, secure pharmacy  screen, toilets and beds

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