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  In 2018 we now have 15 classrooms in the main block and six tree classrooms in front of that block and a library and science lab and the school, hall which regularly takes the 145 Montessoris when thery want to all be together.                                                                                                                                            In Nov 18, we are half way through buildingntwo more class-rooms for 17 and 18 year olds; this underpinned by a Rs 7.11 lakh donation by CBNF who gave us our library.  

  And remaining low in the pecking order - we shall do a shallow splash pool in the reclaimed corner of our recently extended grounds. Somewhere for the children to cool off in the summer heat will be very popular.

   The Holy-man in the Siv temple, a regular supporter of the school, has permitted us to route his village tank replenishment pipe via our school, so that our water supply for the present is assured.     


   The human side has developed well, over the years also, and set a good foundation for future growth.  A constant presence in the Montessori section - the engine room for building character and learning English - is much to be desired, and so far we have had more volunteers than we could take.  

   We need to build on this activity, and so any families with children looking for Gap-year placements are invited to contact us. The minimum time suitable is a month, but three months is much preferred.  See latest news for details of their exploits.


  As we grow by one class per annum we need more teachers to match; and in years to come, those with expertise in wider traditional areas, like geography, history , science and chemistry will be attractive. Good spoken and written English is a basic essential. Teachers will be expected to live in on site, in order to fulfill our requirement for them to be intellectual, social and moral role models for the village in which they live. 

  Neesha Yadav became our Head Teacher late in 2016 and has proved most adept at knitting the school into the village and increasiung parental attendance at open-day functions. This is a most agreeable step forward, and streengthens our focus on not just being a school, but on wider village uplit. Story telling remaind a vital pillar of our structure, and its effect on fluency is marked.
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